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Santa Barbara Eco-Beach Resort

May 16, 2018

Living on an island might sound like a good idea at first until you realize that the cost of such exotic dream would be the luxury and modernity of the contemporary world we are living in. Who wouldn’t enjoy waking up from the sound of crashing waves and singing birds right in front of your doorway instead of lousy neighbours and passing cars. But would you give away your comfort for the sake of tranquility and peace? This, however, would not be necessary if you decide to give yourself the pleasure of a holiday on a remote land, somewhere far between Europe and North America in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean where the archipelago of the breathtaking islands of the Azores lies. (read more in our article)

There you will find a unique piece of art on the land of São Miguel, called Santa Barbara Eco Beach Resort which brings together the words comfort and exotic. To explore each part the resort in 360° click on the link below!

Located between the endless sea shore and the majestic mountain sheltering of the famous ‘Lake of Fire’ (Lagoa do Fogo), this modern and contemporary resort offers peace and relaxation while preserving the feeling of being at home. In contrast to many luxurious hotels, Santa Barbara Eco Beach emphasizes on sustainable and ecological tourism whereas special attention has been paid to every detail in the creation process that results in synergy with the outside surroundings.

The design is quite astonishing with a strong focus on natural elements, creating a perfect symbiosis and harmony with the environment as it blends with the outdoor open spaces of green fields and mountain hills. The villa that we’ve stayed in is in modern style of somber concrete to resemble the volcanic rocks of the Azores, combined with wood and cork elements for the ceiling and furniture.



We had the most comfortable bed with an incredible morning view to the city of Ribeira Grande and the green uphills behind the city. The balcony was a dream come true workstation for every freelancer that seeks inspiration in calm and natural environment.

There is also a large outdoor infinite pool with an incredible view that points directly to the private beach of the resort – a shoreline with dark golden sands that stretches over a kilometer.

You can even enjoy this incredible view right out of the lobby (see the 360° virtual tour above) or the restaurant where the served food is fresh, local and with authentic flavor for the region of the island. But having so many views to choose from, we would like to show you the most appealing one to us – it is from that point of the resort where their guests enjoy a romantic sunset and lovely sky colors above the deep blue Atlantic ocean. Take a look!

Being spoiled to have explored the Sao Miguel in this lovely resort is something we are beyond grateful for. We absolutely love the fact that the place was completely isolated from city noise and everything was built so environmentally friendly. We hope that we inspired you to visit the Green Island and stay at the wonderful Santa Barbara Eco-Beach Resort. Make sure you check their website.

See you next time and enjoy life to the fullest.



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