Welcome and thank you for being here with us. 360stepsforward is constantly evolving and growing thanks to you! We appreciate your time spent on our site.


What is 360stepsforward?

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360stepsforward is more than a travel blog – it is a shared experience. We capture every moment in more than just a picture – we let you live it here with us. With the newest technologies for photography and virtual reality we are 360 steps further into creating immersive content with touching stories and breathtaking multimedia. 

Why did we start this blog?

We are a couple that loves to travel and to experience the world around as it is – beautiful and diverse. And just as every other traveler and adventurer – we want to share our stories but not with just our friends and family. We want to connect with people from all around the globe, making friends and establishing valuable partnerships. Want to meet or talk? Contact us here.

What do we write about?

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Simply said – experiences. We create content based on our personal thoughts and perception of the world around us. Our focus is to write reviews of destinations and the best hotels and venues you can find out there. But we do not limit ourselves to that extend. We are always open for new ideas. Have something in mind? Let us know! We will be happy to hear your opinion.

What makes us different?

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Unlike any other blog, we are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to engage with our audience. And not only – we carefully consider what to write about and how to share our moments in a interesting and meaningful way. We took concepts of the Virtual reality as a growing and dynamic industry and merged it with traditional blogging to create 360stepsforward as it is today – an innovative travel and lifestyle hub filled with moments, captured from every single angle. Come and live the moment with us – capture the experience!