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Roadtrip in Turkey with Livity

Whenever we find ourselves at the airport or hunker down for a road trip, we tend to give ourselves a little more leeway when it comes to buying food. Actually, a lot more leeway. That means a pizza there, a burger here or waffles.…

August 22, 2018
Hotels and resorts Lifestyle

Santa Barbara Eco-Beach Resort

Living on an island might sound like a good idea at first until you realize that the cost of such exotic dream would be the luxury and modernity of the contemporary world we are living in. Who wouldn’t enjoy waking up from the sound…

May 16, 2018
Adventure Destinations Outdoor

São Miguel – an expedition to Paradise

Once upon a time, somewhere far far away from continental Europe, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, there was a wonderful land. This land was astonishingly beautiful – wide green fields, crystal clear blue lakes and mysterious quiet volcanoes, while in the vast…

May 13, 2018
Food Lifestyle

How about Sushi – a story of Subenshi

It is no doubt that sushi has become a massive food trend over the past few years – Instagram feeds are flourishing with delicate rolls and more and more restaurants are focusing on these Japanese delights with exotic bites of the distant land. And…

March 24, 2018
Food Lifestyle

Solar31 – When Love meets Food

  As we were journeying through the incline streets of Lisboa, we crossed the doorway of a cozy and charming family restaurant that won our hearts with hard work, great food and excellent service. Being tourists in the capital of Portugal, we were very…

February 15, 2018
Food Lifestyle

Eight Health Lounge – Let’s eat vegan

In the past few years there are a couple of eating trends that seem to have taken over the world and the internet, including. Zero-waste Cooking, Street food menus and of course – Plant based food. Colourful smoothie bowls, exotic grains, a big plate…

February 13, 2018
Lifestyle Outdoor

When in Madrid…

 Living in the big city gives you freedom and creativity – it allows you to find and express yourself in the majority of settings that exists in most large and cosmopolitan capitals. And it is no doubt that people in Madrid know how to…

January 7, 2018
Food Lifestyle

Terra Nova – the new pearl of Porto

The most difficult part when writing a story is always the beginning. The first two lines. You have so much to say, but saying too much will not tell everything. Porto is a city with a very distinguishing spirit – both classical and modern.…

December 2, 2017

Window view over the moliceiros @Melia Ria

How does it feel to be located in the very heart of a city close to its main attraction? With a beautiful window view of colorful boats cruising across the canals… Now let’s guess a riddle – do you know what Aveiro, Hanoi and…

November 19, 2017