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ESQUIRES Coffee Porto – The new hot spot in town

February 2, 2018


Just 3 minutes away from São Bento train station, centrally located, we find a modern, incredibly stylish designed venue with very promising future.


You might have seen the brand in Canada , New Zealand or UK or even if you have been in China – actually they are worldwide recognized with more than 25 years of experience in the coffee serving industry. In ESQUIRES they work really hard to maintain a culture that values people and delightful coffee. Even more – the brand chain has a sustainable business policy as they strive to recycle and re-use the materials used in their practice.

You will be hearing from this coffee shop more and more often because they are speeding up and soon they will be in Your city. Today we are taking you to ESQUIRES Porto to have a cup of fine quality coffee with us.

The first thing that ESQUIRES’ visitors spot as they enter the venue must be the music – the managers definitely show a high taste in music since their playlist includes some of Amy Winehouse’s golden records.

This coffee shop is a place that obviously attracts lots of young people – some of them are locals visiting to enjoy good time, some are tourists, speaking in different languages and others just came to work from their computers since the venue is suitable for freelancers. And not to blame – who would say NO to a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows?

A major point in any coffee shop is the design, indeed, and in particular the decoration in ESQUIRES gives you a home-like feeling. To be honest, the worst thing a decorator can do is to give a client the feeling that he’s walking around somebody else’s house. This is definitely not the case of ESQUIRES.
A bunch of random vintage items that fill the shelves must be the thing that makes the atmosphere truly cozy. The motivational quotes hanging on the walls fit perfectly the Mid-Century Modern Design and by reading some quotes you might get an idea that will possibly change your life.


All the sweets and pastries are exposed behind the show window and the variety is definitely rich. At ESQUIRES they serve salads, sandwiches and omeletes and very soon you would be also able to find burgers with black angus meat so make sure you pass by to check them!

What we have enjoyed most were the delicious desserts. We tried some fresh yogurt mixed with berry jam and crispy granola on top and bottom, which could be a healthy breakfast option. Another great suggestion is the aromatic home made Tarta de Lima – a light creamy filling and hard, delicious crust bottom.

It’s always a pleasure to discover coffee shops that work exclusively with coffee and devote themselves to the art of serving it. Every #coffeelover will understand this. Overall, our experience at ESQUIRES was more than pleasant.

What you should know about their attitude towards what they are serving? It’s their focus on sustainable and fair-trade policy in order to create a better green future for the development of the coffee industry. If you happen to be in Porto, make sure you give them a visit.

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