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MTV Steps on Varna Beach

July 17, 2017

For some the 15th of July was just another busy day of the week. For me and all the attendants it was the day that MTV stepped for the first time in Bulgaria to host one of the biggest and most massive parties ever on our beautiful coastline!

“Camera – check! Phone – check! Sunglasses and good mood – also check!”.

The gas tank was filled up. I pressed the button to start the car engine and fastened my seatbelt (no, it was not a plane journey, unfortunately). It was an hour and a half drive until we’ve reached our final stop since we’ve departed from Sunny Beach. But time flies fast when you are with a good company on the road.

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So we’ve checked at the entrance, got our bracelets and headed straight to the scene. Many thanks to C.E. – one of the event’s managers, for the opportunity to wear a special black bracelet that gave me additional entrance permissions. We’ve missed the start of the event, but caught up for sure! It was Jonas Blue that was heating up the crowd but what got me excited mostly was when Gorgon City stepped on the scene. Oh boy, I’ve waited so long to see those guys live. I almost got a heart attack once I saw myself on the TV screen, pointing at Gorgon City and waving at them. AND THEY WAVED BACK! I wanted to pick up my phone and scream “Hi Mom! I’m on TV!”.

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The performance was amazing. Great mashups and songs like “Imagination”, “Ready for you love” and “Saving my life” made people scream and sing out loud. Rewire and Varski did not disappoint either. They definitely won the heart of the crowd. Looking forward to see them again soon. Respect!

My Instagram was already flooding with stories of the concert and my battery was running low. But I could not spare them once  Tinie Tempah showed up to get everyone on their feet. I tried to find my way somewhere closer to the scene and I met some nice guys from the UK that accepted my request to lift me up on their shoulders. The view was amazing. I took some incredible shots with my Theta S. Apparently I am in love with this camera. The quality is superior.

P.S. Thanks to the big guy that stood still for the next couple of minutes. Mr. Tempah, I will send you my bank details over for this incredible shot.

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The sun slowly went down. But the party was not over. Bebe Rexha took the stage like a storm. Everyone was shouting and screaming. My ears were bleeding! But I had to make my way closer to the stage. I ate a few elbows by the jumping crowd on my way up there. And the photos that I took were literally so bad – everyone was jumping as I could not reach my camera high, being afraid that someone might break it. And the bass was literally a killer – my hands were shaking, unable to hold still. Finally things settled down for a bit once she started singing “No Broken Hearts”. Everyone was hypnotized.

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It was time for me to go. I felt really sad that I had to miss Steve Aoki’s performance. I went to say bye to my colleagues which I’ve abandoned most of my time. Luckily, I also met another friend of mine who was with his friends. After the short introduction, I found out that one of them is the world champion of Kyokushinkai. What a pleasant day to be around, yeh?

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As much as it is a cliché, every story has its end. I’ve missed Steve Aoki’s cake-throwing party but I did not feel like eating one right in my face anyway. Truly, it must have been a great ending of the event, but circumstances were not in my favor this time. Anyway, it was my pleasure to attend one of the biggest festivals on the Bulgarian coastline and hopefully to come back in the following year 2018. Thank you MTV for your support and see you soon!


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