Window view over the moliceiros @Melia Ria

November 19, 2017

How does it feel to be located in the very heart of a city close to its main attraction? With a beautiful window view of colorful boats cruising across the canals…

Now let’s guess a riddle – do you know what Aveiro, Hanoi and Athens have in common? Those are locations where one of the largest resort hotel chains had set feet on – places that bring sensations and where memories are made.

It’s Meliá .

With 375 hotels located in major cities and tourist destinations in 43 around the world, Meliá Hotels & Resorts stands out for its excellent combination of design and functionality. At Melia Hotels & Resorts they are passionate about service and what they do best is to exceed your expectations.

Did they exceed ours? Let’s find out!

The recently-renovated Meliá Ria is located in the heart of Aveiro, by the river, and belongs to the city’s most notable symbols as it appears to be the ending point of the famous ‘moliceiro’ boat trips. Not only that, but the hotel is also very close to one of the main shopping centers in town and also not far from the train station and city bus stops, so if you are looking for a good location to spend your holiday, we would give it 10 out of 10. Besides that, you will end up with incredible views from both your room and the rest of the facilities in the hotel which we will show up in a bit. 

P.S. Make sure you get a room at the top floors for a better view. Our was 514 and we were not disappointed.

The room itself was very comfy, furnished in dark-brown espresso wooden modules as it also had all the necessary equipment for your stay and a large soft bed. 

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They say that interior design can only be truly art by presenting an adequate outward symbol of some fact in the interior life.
It’s not about just putting things in the space. It’s much deeper and broader. And since we’ve been speaking about moliceiros from the top of the article, let’s take a look on the inside of Meliá Ria.

There is a huge drawing of a boat that covers the wall between the second and the sixth floor and it looks magnificent – imagine how much time and effort it took to be done as precise as it is.

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The lobby bar gives a feeling of a high-class urban venue where each detail was picked with a good taste and style.

And if you still think that a city hotel only suits business travelers who attend conferences, you’d better think twice and check where couples seem to particularly like the location — they rated it 8.9 for a two-person trip.

For your peaceful relaxation there is an indoor heated swimming pool, which is just on the same level as the river outside, so you can wave at the tourists in the moliceiros in your red swimming suit feeling completely warm and cozy on the inside.

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In addition to the pool, Meliá Ria also has a wonderful spa and wellness center for you where you can just treat yourself with a nice massage and let it be.  Furthermore, the well-equipped gym downstairs has all the facilities you need to keep yourself in shape.

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Last but not least, Melia is not just a service provider – it is your partner. Now with MeliaRewards you can benefit from your travels wherever you go. Earn points as you spend on your holiday to benefit from special offers and discounts specifically designed for you. Not to go into further details you can find more about the benefits here.

P.S. We are extremely grateful for the hospitality of all the managers and staff at Meliá Ria. It was a pleasure to be part of your international family for a while. Thank you for having us there! 

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