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Visit Ahtopol! A day on the beach with friends

August 16, 2017

If we could choose a single month for the rest of the year, it would be August. Because of its purple sunsets, refreshing sea breeze and the endless warm nights spent with friends somewhere under the bright sky of the last summer days. For us, the time we’ve spent in Ahtopol was no different.

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Initially, we’ve planned to spend our time at Wake Up Varvara, but due to bad weather, circumstances led us to the so called ‘city of love’. This place has preserved its peaceful harmony and local atmosphere from the deluge of cheap alcohol and party tourism on the western coastline of Bulgaria and is one of the inexpensive holiday destinations for Bulgarian middle class families searching for comfort at an affordable price. Also, it is the hometown of one of our friends, so it was not difficult to choose the area which was well-known to someone who could show us around.

We were taken to the suburbs of the central beach where we’ve spent most of our day sunbathing and swimming. The water had a stunning turquoise color which was extraordinary for the Black Sea coast (and here’s why) but nevertheless, it was more beautiful than ever.

Above us was situated a beach restaurant also known as ‘La Vita’ which became popular for its presence on a national TV show, similar to Hell’s Kitchen. Not to worry, it definitely turned its tide against the bad reputation it earned in the past and is currently a preferable choice for visitors who are looking for an affordable place to eat with an incredible view and good atmosphere.

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While exploring the coastline area of Ahtopol beach, we found small pathway that took us uphill to the crossroad of the central beach and a nearby camp called ‘Dolphin’, famous for its bungalows and caravan tourism in the past. The area was really quiet and it seemed like a perfect place to set a campfire and spend the night there. It is truly wonderful to see such amazing nature sights. And not only..



In the end, it was all about spending time with our friends. We watched the sunset together. We talked. We laughed. It is a pity since those moments are so special but so rare. We all live a rush, chasing money and careers and we forget about the real things in life that matter and those things are the moments we spend with the people we love. So if you are out there reading this, turn off your screen, go to your friends and family and show them some love. Those simple things matter.

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