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When in Madrid…

January 7, 2018

 Living in the big city gives you freedom and creativity – it allows you to find and express yourself in the majority of settings that exists in most large and cosmopolitan capitals. And it is no doubt that people in Madrid know how to enjoy life. You can feel the lively spirit in every place you go – from the narrow city streets to the vast boulevards; from the historical monuments and castles to the modern and artistic architecture; from the peaceful park alleys to the buzzing night clubs. There is this vigorous atmosphere everywhere that urges you to go out and explore and we left a small piece of every emotion we could feel out there. And we would like to share with you our journey and our tips and tricks… when in Madrid.

Find a good place to stay

Let’s face it – Madrid is an expensive city and finding a moderately priced place to stay might be difficult. Apart from a variety of Airbnb options, we would really recommend checking out the El HostAll. We found it few days prior our arrival and got extremely lucky with it – the place is very modest for the city standards, clean and is perfectly located  right at the heart of the center, close to Metro station Sol.

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We were very delighted with the service – the staff were really nice and hospitable. On Christmas day we were also pleasantly surprised with a bottle of red wine – kind gesture that we won’t forget.

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Go to Parque del Retiro (Retiro Park)

Translated as the “Park of the Pleasant Retreat” , this is the biggest park in Madrid and the highest reviewed attraction on Tripadvisor. It is free, it is big and beautiful and also a good way to spend some time outdoors if the weather conditions are favorable. We had a wonderful walk and despite it being late December, it was really beautiful – yellow foliage was forming a beautifully colored ground texture. Apart from that,  there are a lot of different activities to do such as visiting the Palacio de Cristal (a huge glass building),  hiring a rowing boat across the Retiro lake or just have a picnic or a cup of coffee in the nature. 

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Don’t miss the historical sites and monuments

Madrid is also famous for its well-preserved and remarkable architecture with a vast number of historical sites and majestic monuments that attract tourists from all over the world. The city’s unique and artistic heritage expands from the early Renaissance era (correct me if I am wrong) to the late 19th century culture … and beyond! The Spanish capital continues to expand in a fast and modern pace and yet continues to preserve its authenticity. Even if you are not a big fan of history, there are some places you should visit – like the Royal Palace (An admission fee of €11 is required and pictures inside might be prohibited). But I think there was something strange in this picture..

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Explore the local neighborhoods by foot

Madrid is a wonderful city to walk in despite its vast area. There are tons of unique streets each with its own spirit and all those grand boulevards where you just have to mix with the crowd in order to feel the metropolis’ atmosphere. You might end up with some brilliant shopping experience or enter a coffee house or a restaurant to have some delicious Spanish (and not only food) as we did. 

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Hop on the red bus

Rather than walking, some of you might prefer to go for a ride on one of the touristic buses. It is a good alternative if you want to see a lot of the places in a short time frame or if you are unlucky with the weather. A bus pass is approximately 20 Euro where you have a daily access to both routes – the historical and the modern one, or you can simply use it to also hop from one stop to another to move quickly around the city. The good thing is that you also get headphones prior to your ride to plug into the seating panel and listen to the story as you enjoy the tour.

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And if you book the extended tour package you get the best of both worlds:

1.The historical architectural sights 

2. A great view of the new age constructions

P.S. This is Madrid’s tallest skyscraper


Eat in different places

There is never enough time and space to express our feelings towards food. Whenever we go, we always pick the most outstanding places to explore the local cuisine because this is an essential part of being a tourist. Apart from the huge variety of restaurants and bars, give a chance also to the street food on the markets and food stalls.

In case you’ve missed our previous article dedicated to the top venues to visit while in Madrid, click HERE to see our bars and restaurants recommendations.


It was all about the Christmas spirit

If you happen to plan your next winter holidays away from home, Madrid is a must-go-to place. The city squares and town boulevards were filled with people on the night of Christmas, enjoying and sharing the spirit together. The festive lights had lit up even the darkest corners as the most inspiring thing was the style. Madrid is all about style, even when it comes to Christmas decoration – the festive lights perfectly matched the glamorous appearance of the city. We know that it is a long way until next Christmas and despite the brevity of the Holidays, it is something worth experiencing.

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Thank you for being here with us and Happy New Year!


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