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Eight Health Lounge – Let’s eat vegan

February 13, 2018

In the past few years there are a couple of eating trends that seem to have taken over the world and the internet, including. Zero-waste Cooking, Street food menus and of course – Plant based food.

Colourful smoothie bowls, exotic grains, a big plate of veggies and tofu are some of the very popular vegan features we have been seeing lately on Instagram and Pinterest, as this trend went viral in 2017. Many people mindfully cut animal products off their menu due to different reasons such as health concerns, animal empathy, environmental matter or just because it’s cool.

This time we are taking you to a recently opened restaurant in the heart of Lisbon, just 200 meters away from Rossio metro station that serves plant-based food not just because ‘it’s cool’ but because they are bringing a beautiful movement into life.

Let us tell you the fascinating story behind Eight – The Health Lounge.

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 Eight – The Health Lounge is more than just a healthy restaurant – it is a vegan snack bar and also an authentic store. On the ground floor you can find variety of merchandise crafted by local artists and designers whose work can decorate your home, wardrobe or be used for your personal comfort.

The upper floor is a quiet and peaceful area with access to a lot of daylight that brightens the whole space. It is quite common to see people working from their computers , while enjoying a refreshing drink.

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We had the pleasure to have an inspiring talk with the manager Lara, who was happy to tell us more about the concept behind this plant-based restaurant. The founders of Eight-The Health Lounge are a couple that went through a tremendous life-changing event after a family member faced a near-fatal battle with cancer. Questioning biased conceptions of what it means to be ‘healthy’ , their investigation found the answers in our diet. By changing a person’s eating habits and a focus on a plant-based food, one can enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. The Founders want their customers to think about the dynamic, chaotic and stressful way of living that our society is facing and this is why they captured eight simple principles that put a framework on a healthy lifestyle:

1.Keep it bright – spend time in the sun

2.Keep it fluid – drink water

3.Keep it fresh – take deep breaths of fresh air

4.Keep it inspired – have faith

5.Keep it moving – exercise your body

6.Keep it relaxed – sleep well

7.Keep it under control – say yes to things that give you long term happiness

8.Keep it whole – eat plant-based food

“At Eight-The Health Lounge we don’t serve anything that could be addictive to your body and the things you see behind the show window, they are all made here. We don’t use neither sugar nor animal fats. Our Vanilla Sky Latte is a great alternative to coffee (Almond Milk, Date, Blue Natural Flavor, Vanilla)” – Lara says.

The dedication at Eight is a very serious and strict thing – they even grow their own greens that are used in salads such as Mustard, Crass, Basil, Bean etc.

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The menu consists of mostly raw products mixed to create the perfect energizing flavor. There are salads, whole wheat toasts, panini, smoothie bowls, fresh juices and many teas. To have a better idea of what’s on the menu or just to get inspired click HERE

We wish good luck to our friends at Eight, whose aim is to help people reimagine healthy living.

“Everyone wants to have a beautiful, uncomplicated life, but poor health often makes things ugly and far from simple.”

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